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LARGE WEEKLY GROUP BUYS! Hundreds of Newspapers For One Low Price!
Although much of the focus in marketing has shifted to online and mobile advertising, print advertising is still a strong force in the advertising world. Particularly useful for small businesses who need to reach local consumers, newspaper advertising offers a variety of choices to get a marketing message across. While putting all of your marketing eggs into one basket is never a smart idea, integrating newspaper advertising into a marketing campaign is a good decision. One of the best form of newspaper advertising for small businesses is advertising a classified ad in as many weekly newspapers as possible. For the circulation and the number of publications, these group buys are typically inexpensive and are charged by the number of words. Now, Nationwide Newspapers makes it easy for you to advertise in hundreds of newspapers, reaching millions of readers at one low price. Nationwide Newspapers offers these large weekly group buys which are ideal for marketing business opportunity, employments, businesses, single products or for short announcements. Buying a large weekly group buy simply means that you are advertising to millions, advertising for less, and advertising smart.

Please call our office with any questions about any of these large weekly group buys or if you would like to work with one of our professional Account Executives at 407-909-1644. Make your selection and place your ad online here:

Advertise In ALL Of The Thrifty Nickels American Classifieds Newspapers Network Across The USA.  These Are Amercia's Favorite Classified Newspapers!  Includes Print & Online!  Plus Free Border!
Regular Price: $379.00
Sale Price: $265.00
Advertise in the Midwest Classified Network Including 10 Midwest States!!  150 Weekly Newspapers! Only $259.00!
SPECIAL!  Advertise In 3.5 Million Circulation Weekly Newspapers!  Over 9 Million Readership!  Excellent Buy For Business Opportunity And Work From Home Business Ads!
Regular Price: $379.00
Sale Price: $299.00
Advertise in the SAPA NETWORK.  Free Newspapers that includes Community Papers, Pennysavers, Shoppers, and Thrifty Nickels
Regular Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $299.00
Advertise in 7 Million Weekly Circulation 200+ Cities!  Great coverage! Sale Price Now Only $599.00!
Regular Price: $639.00
Sale Price: $599.00
Advertise in the CADNET National Advertising Network - Over 10 Million Circulation!
NEW ENGLAND GROUP Pennysavers, Shoppers, Community Weekly Newspapers - Over 1.8 Million Homes in CT, RI, MA, ME , NH and VT.
FREE COMMUNITY PAPERS of FLORIDA NETWORK - Advertise in Over 2.3 Million Circulation!!
Regular Price: $395.00
Sale Price: $299.00
NEW YORK SHOPPERS NETWORK Pennysavers & Shoppers Weekly Newspapers - Over 6.6 Million Circulation!
Michigan Mega Market Classified Network
Advertise In The 25 Million Circulation Special
Advertise in the NANI Network (National Advertising Network) 14 Million Circulation
Advertise In The NANI Network Over 14 Million Circulation! 25 Word Ad!
WESTERN CLASSIFIED NETWORK Advertise in The Nickel Want Ads Weekly Newspapers - 20 Papers!
Advertise In The Suburban Classified Advertising Network
Gatehouse Media Advertising Network!
Pacific Northwest Daily Connection - 24 Daily Newspapers
Alternative Newsweeklies Advertising Network 66 Alternative Newsweeklies!
Advertise 5 Days in the Florida Metro Daily Impact!
Florida Metro Daily Impact! Advertise 7 days in the Florida Metro Daily Impact!
Advertise in 32 Daily Iowa Newspapers for 5 Days!
Advertise In 31 Illinois Daily Newspapers!
Advertise In The 100 Million Circulation Special
Regular Price: $9,995.00
Sale Price: $8,995.00
California Daily Classified Network
CADNET National 2 x 2 Display Advertising Network with 9 Million Circulation
Advertise In 35 Major Daily Newspapers On Thursday! 4 Line Ad Only $340.00!!