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Announcements:  Birth/Adoption, Grand Openings, Legal Notices, Contests, Sales, OTHERS
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Placing your baby into adoption through a licensed Texas agency give you peace of mind.
Adoptive parents are screened and monitored. You can select closed adoption or receive letters/pictures. Call Rainbow of Love (713) 777-8877
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SOCIALISM IS GOVERNMENT SHARING. COMMUNISM IS GOVERNMENT TAKING. Socialism has given the U.S. Social Security, Medicare, bridges, highways, free K-12 schools, fire departments, police departs and other necessities that one person cannot buy alone. Democrats believe in helping people; Republicans believe people create their own poverty because they do not want to work. The Biden administration will create many different kinds of well-paying jobs. Millionaires and Billionaires will pay their fair share of taxes so that working people can pay less. We working people made Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Facebook and other companies rich. It is only fair that they pay taxes to share their money with working people. The Republican Senate is making us suffer now.
Here is your time to help your local community
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Simply Good Works - Celebration of Life Fundraiser for Veterans. Register at Live streaming on YouTube - Nov. 11, 2020. Silent Auction begins Oct. 25 through Nov. 10, 2020 - register soon!
The Prayerful Warrior: Volume I | Decrees to overcome oppressive patterns,
The Prayerful Warrior: Volume I | Decrees to overcome oppressive patterns, Warrior Prayers™ act to effectively yield the personal-will and empower mastery of self and success, while remaining rooted in grace and faith.
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Cars/Cash/Gifts Awarded to individuals in need of financial help or cheering up.
Cars/Cash/Gifts Awarded to individuals in need of financial help or cheering up. See: and review the "Make A Request" page for details/sign-up. A Company Charity National Event.
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Celebrate Father's Day and Spring with the Word and Journaling!!!
Celebrate Father's Day and Spring with the Word and Journaling!!!

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Get Married on Valentines Day starting $99. Ceremony, Dinner and Pictures Call or Text 678-698-4815
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“Path to Peace A Guide to Managing Life After Losing A Loved One”. or Good Read Review by the Arkansas Times. Amazon kindle unlimited and other unlimited subscribers read for FREE!
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Adopt: Fun loving, married couple fr NY looking to adopt infant.
Adopt: Fun loving, married couple fr NY looking to adopt infant. Good jobs, big subr. house, ready made family. We will love, support, educate, nurture and laugh a lot with our child. Contact call/text 631-681-4479
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